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Best for those just getting started or learning their way around code and development environments.
Basic Workspace
Up to 5 Web Services
Up to 5 Databases
TLS Certificates
Global CDN
DDoS Protection
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Best for ambitious builders. From MVPs and simple tools to scaling a project with more complex needs.
Everything in Starter plan
Unlimited Web Services
Unlimited Databases
Custom Domains
Unlimited private projects
Email Support
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For larger projects requiring the highest reliability, enhanced security, and dedicated support.
Everything in Growth plan
Priority Support
Enhanced Security
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan is best for me?
That depends. Our Free plan is great for testing the waters and trying Dome. The Growth plan offers features you’ll need to run a business, such as autoscaling and the ability to customize DNS records and CNAMEs. If you have more complex projects or need Dome for teams, the Enterprise plan may be right for you.
Can I pay for my plan annually?
Yes, you can pay for the Growth plan monthly or annually. If you pay for the full year, you save 15%.
When will I be charged?
You will be charged for your Growth plan on the day you upgrade and each month thereafter. You will be charged for any additional usage on your next month’s bill.
Can I get my bill invoiced?
For the Growth plan, payments are made via credit card upon signup and auto-renew. Additional payment methods are available for Enterprise teams.
Can I set limits on my usage to prevent my bill from getting higher than I budget?
Yes, you can set limits on usage for your account.
How do I upgrade from Free to Growth?
Just click the upgrade option in the left sidebar of the Dome Dashboard.
Can I downgrade from Growth to Free?
Yes, you can. Click the Growth plan in the left sidebar of the Dome Dashboard and select downgrade. Remember, your CNAME will no longer work on the Free plan, and it will no longer autoscale to meet demand on your application.