More Dev, Less Ops

Never worry about your infrastructure again. Dome abstracts away infrastructure complexities and automates operational tasks, to enable developers to focus on what they do best—coding, innovating, and delivering exceptional applications.
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Get a comprehensive view of your stack

Dome simplifies the process of performance monitoring, offering valuable insights to efficiently resolve application performance problems. This streamlined approach enables you to effortlessly identify and tackle performance bottlenecks.


Simplify your development process with our intuitive build tools, enabling efficient and seamless code compilation and packaging.


Streamline your deployment pipeline and effortlessly release applications to production with our automated solution.

Logs Monitoring

Harness the power of AI-driven log analysis to gain valuable insights, detect anomalies, and troubleshoot issues faster performance

Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain comprehensive visibility into your infrastructure empowering you to proactively manage resources and identify bottlenecks.


Effortlessly scale your applications both vertically and horizontally to handle changing demands and ensure optimal performance.


Enjoy full transparency in your billing with detailed breakdowns of resource usage, and maintain control over your budget.
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Expand your enterprise

Automatically scale your applications

Autoscaling is a strategy to avert slowdowns, ensuring consistently high-performance web experiences for your visitors Dome delivers the resources you need, precisely at the moment you need them, freeing you from the concerns of manual scaling and unpredicted traffic surges.
Optimize your operations

Monitor your metrics effortlessly

Get an accurate understanding of your costs for each bling cycle with clarity into your current usage, broken down by project, service, and organization. Pay only for the resources that your deployments use without the worry of unexpected expenses.
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White-glove migration offer

Pressed on bandwidth? We'll handle all the migration work for you.

1. Build in your frameworks

2. Deploy in seconds

3. Oversee in real-time