Heroku to Dome Migration

From your Git repository or Docker image, in seconds to your own cloud environment. Dome deploys your applications into your own cloud account in just a few clicks. Get started quickly on Dome and customize your infrastructure freely as you scale.
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Deploy from your pipelines

Keep your existing workflow

You can maintain your pipelines while plugging into Dome’s, Docker-ready infrastructure. Instead of adapt to new environments or tools, we adapt to you, providing a platform that seamlessly integrates with and your current setup.
Unleash automation

From Docker images to fully deployed applications

Dome is a powerful tool to automate the deployment, operation, scaling, and monitoring of containerized apps in a secure environment. Simply point your fully built Docker images to Dome and rest easy knowing that your deployment is in good hands.
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Worry-free operation

Harness the power of Kubernetes

Experience the power of Kubernetes without the usual tangles of in-house DevOps administration. Dome provides the scalability and flexibility, without the administrative overhead.

See why teams are switching to Dome

Dome offers more flexibility at a fraction of Heroku's cost.
Automatic CI/CD
Private image registry with rapid deploy
Docker / Buildpacks Support
BYO CI/CD Pipeline
Deployment history & rollbacks
Built-in metrics
Automatic SSL certificates
Persistent storage
Performance dynos only

White-glove migration offer

Pressed on bandwidth? We'll handle all the migration work for you.

1. Free consultation

We help you outline a completemigration plan.

2. White-glove onboarding

We set up your entire stack on Dome.See if you qualify for free onboarding.

3. Migrate production

Redirect your production traffic to Dome only after testing it out.