BoilerCode - From Launch to Acquisition

Manoj Ahirwar
Mar 17, 2024
Discover BoilerCode's journey from an indie side project through acquisition and integration into Dome, making it simpler to launch a SaaS with one-click, making the most reusable components and AI integration on Dome.

Product launches have been part of my journey starting during my college back in 2015. Fast forward, and I've launched over 40 products. With each launch, the process became smoother faster and smoother largely because  the code I'd written and the components I'd built  could be reused, making it unnecessary to start from scratch each time.

As I looked at my process, I decided I could take what I had been built for myself and monetize it. I was using NextJs for my products and noticed a growing number of developers doing the same. Spotting an opportunity in this trend, I decided to seize it, and the idea of the Boilercode NextJs Boilerplate was born.

I kickstarted using a basic version of a NextJs Boilerplate.. The reception was positive and users were buying it, but with the rising demand, similar products started going to market. To keep BoilerCode unique and valuable, I decided to step up the game by integrating AI Components, making it easier for developers to integrate AI chat options into their app without coding.

The new and improved BoilerCode was a hit and it soon reached the $1K revenue mark. To diversify the offerings, I added React and Chrome Extension boilerplates, the latter being a distinct offering considering Chrome Extension development isn't conventional for most developers.

The next month, BoilerCode launched on ProductHunt, soaring to #1 and earning the title of "Product of the Day." It was the first time one of my projects had ever made it into the top 5 on the platform.

By December 2023, BoilerCode was bringing in consistent revenue, but the template and boilerplate market had become saturated and competitive, with new offerings  entering the market for as low as $49. Observing this trend, I sought a potential buyer who could take BoilerCode to the next level and listed it on

This January 2024, I got in contact with Matt Antoun, Dome's CEO. After we talked, we saw a clear fit for BoilerCode as an offering on Dome. The Dome team had built a solid platform for developers to launch and host their projects, but Matt had a vision for enabling startup founders. With BoilerCode on Dome, soloprenuers and indie hackers can now buy a template and launch it with a single click. Instead of spending time building an MVP then finding somewhere to host it, everything happens in one ecosystem that just works.

Seeing how great BoilerCode works on Dome, I am continuing to work with Dome to launch a few more templates to their marketplace. The work we're doing is streamlining the process of launching a project and getting it into the market, which was my original goal with Boilercode.

BoilerCode's journey has been a remarkable one for me. Most of it unfolded on Twitter, where I built it publicly. BoilerCode, now a part of Dome, continues to grow, and I'm along for the ride. I'm also branching out to work on new products and focusing on, my development service offerings.

If you want to checkout the template, you can get it with a 1 year of free Dome's Growth Plan so you have a place to launch it with the click of a button. Go here and use promo code SAAS100 .

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